Monday, September 12, 2016

Human Wrangling

I've never wanted to be a human wrangler. Never. My friend Nina called me a cat wrangler in jest once. My new part time occupation stuck like a barbed tongue full of fur. Cat wrangling just sounds cool. But people? No way. 

Well, a couple months ago I created a new social group on the Meet-ups site. It is a website where cowpokes and their ilk, can coral groups of people with similar interests. Like reading, hiking, dining, traveling or cat wrangling. Whatever. I decided to start a book club for women writers. So far, it has been a small success. I've managed to rope in a few gals. And, I've even fenced in a few free laughs. Here's my open call...

This is a book club for women writers. We have a unique perspective. The books we read not only entertain us, but inspire and strengthen our written word. We'll socialize over a glass of wine and most importantly, take turns answering questions and discussing books. Everyone will get a chance to shine in this club. The future goal will be to form a small and intimate group of kind, thoughtful and committed readers and writers. 

As a creative, I use words like a paintbrush. And reading is my part time job!

I ran into a few wayward calves on my ride. First, I posted a few simple questions to weed out the prime Kobe beef from the mutton. Some of the answers tickled my funny bone. While others left me wondering if anyone really cares how they come across anymore. In the age of i-phones, it seems there's only a select few who attempt to spell, capitalize or give a generalized hoot about what they say. It makes me sad. If you were attempting to join a group of people who like to read and write, wouldn't you try to come across as doing both successfully? Here are some unsuccessful answers...

Why do you want to become a Novelista?
like the club description
What is the last book you read?
the turner house
What kind of creative writing do you do?
none....want to start
There's no need to attend every event. But, we'll be a small group. So please rsvp carefully. And if you need to cancel, be sure to change your status. How often do you hope to attend?
?? don't know
We'll be a small and intimate group. If you belong to dozens of meet-ups, this group might not be for you. Can you tell me what makes you Minnesota nice?
good listener,

What kind of creative writing do you do?Not much. I love to read.

What kind of creative writing do you do?Due to limited time, commenting on blogs.

What is the last book you read? 
I did just answer this.
We'll be a small and intimate group. If you belong to dozens of meet-ups, this group might not be for 
you. Can you tell me what makes you Minnesota nice?Can't. From Iowa.

No, you didn't just answer (Chris Hansen reference) The Iowa remark is pretty funny though. I'm left wondering, why would you want to join a group of writers, if you don't even write a darn thing? 

At least it gives me something funny to write about!

Uff da. 



NC Sue said...

Uff da is right!
Thanks for sharing your wrangling photos (and thoughts) at

DJan said...

Where the heck did that word "uffda" come from anyway? I'm from Washington state, which is a really long commute. I've got my own group of writers I meet with once a year for five days. We all met blogging. :-)

Uppal said...

It is a novel and interesting effort!

likeschocolate said...

I have a friend who is a baby wrangler in new york city for modeling agencies when they do a photo shoot or a commercia.

Lisa Kerner said...

What a fun idea Sharon. I hope you have great success with it, and in turn find inspiration from you discussions.

Lisa @ LTTL

Alycia said...

That is too funny! I wonder if people even read the questions any more. I wish I was closer, I would love your group ;-) Hope it is successful!