Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Funny Felines

I was watching CBS This Morning recently, and to my delight, Stephen Colbert was hanging out with Charlie, Gayle and Norah. Well, you can imagine what happened next. I laughed. My cat Hana was sleeping on my lap, and when I laugh or sneeze, she always looks up and croaks out a little Meoahh. Not a Meow. A Meoahh. It's so cute. It always sounds like a question. And I've always wondered what she is saying. She's probably saying something like the following... 

a) "Are you talking to me? Not that I care either way."

b) "Are you O.K.?" (Not likely)

c) "Shhh. I'm sleeping." (This could be a contender)

d) "Are you laughing at me? You better not be. I've got mad cat skills."

I can only imagine the cat-astrophes she is capable of pawing together if she thought I was laughing at her expense. She's the kitty who pooped in the bathroom sink recently after accidentally locking herself in. She has the naughty habit of shutting the door while she's playing the popular game, It's Raining Cats and Dogs in the shower. Her bad. But try telling that to a cat.

What if we couldn't laugh? Or understand humor. Cats can't laugh! Poor Hana. I just had a mini epiphany. Hana will never let a laugh roll over her sandpaper tongue; her whiskers twitching with delight. "Maw, maw, maw." (fictional cat laughter) She can dilate her eyes like eight balls. But she can't laugh. Oh, the sorrow. Wait a minute. They can't cry either. Cat scratch the sorrow.

I do have at least one human in my life that can't understand humor. I won't name any names, but everything you tell them in jest is taken with complete seriousness. They don't understand popular culture either. Fuhgeddaboudit. "Please take this with a grain of salt," you casually proclaim. "Pass the pepper," they reply with clenched eyebrows.  The joke is inevitably on you. 

Thank goodness Stephen Colbert fills me with delight. Because life would be so boring without humor. Although, it's possible cats really do have a sense of humor. They might laugh in private. Can't you just hear the evil BBBBWWWWAAAAHHHH behind the closed bathroom door?

 "I pooped in the sink. Maw, maw, maw!"

Toilet Buddies


DJan said...

OH, what fun! maw maw maw.... :-)

Phil Slade said...

I'm babysiting my 4 year old granddaughter this afternoon. She viewed your cat illustration with wide open eyes and declared it to be "fantastic". It is.

Marie C said...

Yep...we need some humor in our lives! Cute post!