Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bed Time Stories

I love this quote. It's such a fun way to think about dreams. These days, I'm not only spinning bizarre stories during the night, but weaving tall tales during the day as well. I'm writing a novel.

 A few night's ago, I was on a flume, careening down an arid mountain; admiring the white washed cities of Greece. The cities were set against bodies of cerulean and turquoise pools of water. It was beautiful and exciting! But, just like life, it whizzed by way too fast. It was so vivid. In fact, once I started writing my novel, it seemed like my dreams became even more technicolor and well, just plain weird. It was like I opened up a door to the Twilight Zone. I emerged from my black and white world into a strange new universe. And I discovered that it's fun to wear sparkly red shoes and explore on foot. But only in my dreams. In reality, I'd need a good pair of Merrells to walk all the way to the Emerald City.

 Maybe I'm simply paying more attention. I definitely seem to be remembering them more; waking up baffled and amused by the night's entertainment. I often wonder what my cats are dreaming about too. They always seem to be on a journey. Once I see their skin crawl, accompanied by the twitch of a whisker and a curl of a paw, I suspect they're half way there. This morning I was shopping in a grocery store in Central America. I woke up saying, "Si." Yes what? Hopefully it was yes, I'll buy the papaya. I can't remember. 

My favorite dreams always involve architecture. I've always had them. I'll dream up the most amazing homes. I had a blue apartment once. There was a yellow palatial palace with Greek pillars a few years back. And a lifetime of homes too numerous to count since I was a kid. They are always unique. And every furnishing and nick nack has my name written all over it. I call myself an artist. I hope, I can be a writer. But maybe, I'm just a closeted interior decorator. That's what my dreams suggest.

 I do day dream about my future dream home. It's on stilts in a yard full of fruit trees and swaying palms. Do you feel the humidity? I watch an osprey soar over head and then decide to climb my staircase to the home above. It's open, one level living. The ceiling is high with thick, rustic wooden beams scaling the roof top. It's basically a big wooden box surrounded by a 365 degree lanai. Screened in of course. It's on a lake. And at the end of the day there's an amazing sunset followed by a night sky filled with twinkling stars. 

A girl can dream...

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Linda Hensley said...

Sometimes I dream about houses and other buildings too, but I don't think I ever dream about palm trees or speak in Spanish. How cool that your writing is making your dreams technicolored.

Marie C said...

I have always dreamed about really large houses! And I have never lived in one, and always wanted to. I love your writing style, dear friend! It's so interesting and readable!