Monday, January 30, 2017


Ma Petite

"What will happen to Ma Petite and Le Puff when we leave? What will happen to me?" Those are the questions I found myself asking at Villas de Palermo this January. We always make friends with the locals when we travel. And by locals, I mean the local critters. 

At Flor de Sarta in Leon, Nicaragua, we met Bruno. Bruno would race, claws clicking, ears flapping, up to our balcony at night and lie down at our feet. He was simply devoted to me after I accidentally dropped a pat of butter on the floor. Bruno the dog. Of course, there was also Coq a Vin and Barbecue. The French owners of Flor de Sarta were unhappy with the taste of the local chicken. (I, on the other hand, think chicken in Central America is far superior to America's bland, tough and antibiotic riddled jail birds) So they decided to butcher their own. Instead, they fell in love with them. Now, Coq a Vin and Barbecue roam the courtyard, picking and pecking, along with a flock of pigeons and doves. 

Le Puff. A.K.A Puffy.

So when we met our new orange vacation pets, shown above, I gave them french names. In honor of our stay in Colonial, vibrant, gritty Leon. But of course, it had more to do with the french owners of Flor de Sarta. Mais oui. 

We also called them Little Orange and Puffy Orange. Eventually, it became puffy and petite. When the mood struck.  As you can see, they made themselves right at home. After we fed them, they were ours. They never left. Whenever we came home, their two little faces were staring back at us from outside our patio door. When we woke up, they were waiting for breakfast. After they ate, they made themselves right at home inside. Who ever stays there next will have two cats whether they want them or not. At one point, puffy brought in a dead dove and hid it under the sofa. But hunting wasn't puff's only joy, he also loved to curl up by my side while I was clacking the keys.

The ladies that cleaned the casa and the dude that walked by every morning watering, would point and say, "Gato." What ya gonna do? 

The first time we went to the restaurant at Villas de Palermo, we found an orange kitten mewling at our feet. Good grief! Our hearts can't take anymore!!! Orange is a theme at Villas de Palermo. There were orange cats here the first time we stayed three years ago, and they'll be orange cats long after we leave. 

I still think fondly of Caracol. Our beach companion in Panama last year. Caracol the dog. He followed us everywhere.


"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." 

-Winnie the Pooh


carol l mckenna said...

Oh dear ~ so sad that you have to leave your sweet critters ~ hope you can find them good homes ~ sweet pics ~

Wishing you a happy and peaceful week ~ ^_^

DJan said...

What sweet fuzzballs, Sharon. I love your pictures and hope they find such wonderful humans again as you. Thanks for the great pictures and the sweet quote from Pooh. :-)

Photo Cache said...

I hope they found another "family". They look well cared for. And totally adorable.

Worth a Thousand Words

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Your cat has gorgous eyes! Have a great weekend!

Sharon Wagner said...

I cherish every comment, but the point of this story is that these are not my cats. Since this is my creative writing blog, I certainly hope some people are actually reading it.

Ruth Rieckehoff said...

What a sweet post! I have been to places where I have encounter cats and dogs an d, yes, it feel like they have made my trip better. Once in a while, I remember them since I see them in photos I took. Then, the good memories come back! #TPThursday

Pat Tillett said...

I wish I could get even a fraction of how comfortable cats get.
Gotta love 'em!

Linda Hensley said...

Cats don't love me. I bet I'd just get lizards and bugs. Love the colors you captured in your Nicaragua post.